Welcome to Grade Six


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to my E-Teacher page!  Please see the side tab for weekly updates and important information throughout the school year.  


Grade six is an exciting year for students and we have a fun-filled year planned for your child. 

Some of the exciting activities planned include:

  1. A visit to the Provincial Legislature
  2. A trip to the Aviation Museum
  3. Outdoor Day Trip
  4. Grade Six Year End- Picnic and Swim

…..and more!


I am sure you have questions regarding routines and expectations. Hopefully, we can answer some of them for you.


Classroom Expectations

  1. Respect yourself and others. Remember the golden rule.
  2. Responsibility counts!  Be on time, ready to work, with all homework completed.
  3. Self-Discipline is up to you!  Use your manners in the classroom and on the playground.  Think before you act.
  4. Caring and friendship make a difference.  Think of others before yourself.
  5. Perseverance means never giving up!  Do your best.



Portable Media Devices

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) Board of Trustees approved a new policy regarding cellphones. Policy 24, Personal Communication Devices, passed at a regular Board Meeting on May 22, 2019, outlines how students and staff use cellphones and personal devices within EIPS schools. The goal is to ensure all students use technology responsibly and develop skills in digital citizenship.


The new policy outlines that students in kindergarten to Grade 6 have no access to cellphones or personal devices during the school day, including during breaks and the lunch hour—the only exception, students with a diagnosed medical condition or an identified inclusive educational need.




Work that is not finished in class goes home for completion.  We will assign extra practice homework at times, or for particular students. Review is very important throughout the year therefore your child can also take it upon themselves to bring home any subject to review the material.


Homework is recorded on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom.  Your child will have time throughout the day to record their homework assignments in their agendas.


Please note:  We have asked that you send in an email address with your child so that weekly updates of homework and upcoming events can be sent to your personal email address.  This will keep you up to date on classroom activities.  Copies of the weekly updates will also be added to my e-teacher page.  This is not meant to replace the student agenda. Student are asked to keep the same information in their agendas. 


Agenda Books

Thank you for initialling the agendas every night.  Please continue this daily practice for term one.  After term one, we will still provide the time to write homework down but students take on the responsibility of keeping up their agendas with less checking from me.  (This is to get them ready for Junior High where more responsibility is placed on your child.)  Please continue to see the agenda for homework and question your child if it is not written down.  If the student has many incomplete assignments we will be setting up a daily checking system between school and home. 



Students will be informed well ahead of any quizzes/tests.  These will be recorded in the agenda books and on the whiteboard found on the side of the room.


Library Time

Our class will exchange books once a week.


Extra Curriculum Practice

An excellent way to review curriculum is to have your child visit the provincial achievement test website on a regular basis.  This is a test practice website that will help your child prepare for their yearend exams.  The websites are listed below:


Exambank.com                                  Learnalberta.ca

Username: ei.pne                              Username: LA15

Password: Jam                                   Password: 3950


If you are curious about what your child is learning in grade six please visit: Alberta Government: Grade 6 Overview-A Parent resource. The website is here.



Reading is a valuable tool needed to be successful in all of your child’s subjects. It is important that they practice reading on a continual basis. I have asked that your child take a portion of the night to sit down and read.  They have the option to choose anything they are drawn too in the hopes they will continue to develop their love of reading.  Have your child write down the amount of time they have spent reading each night on the month at a glance section in their agendas and please initial it on a daily basis.



Each Wednesday, students will be presented with a list of words and an assignment.  They will be given a week to study and complete the assignment.  On the following Wednesday they will be given a test on the words and their assignment will be due.



Just a reminder that we now have designated Drop-Off Zones in the morning and after school.  Signs and times are posted in these areas, on the south and east sides of the school.


Student Release

A couple of reminders from the office- if you are picking your child up early or returning late during class time, parents need to sign their child in/out at the office.  Occasionally, a student is unsure whether or not to go on the bus. If there is no note in the agenda, the student will be sent on the bus.


If you have any concerns, questions or just need clarification feel free to contact Mrs. Lockwood via the agenda book, e-mail at heather.lockwood@eips.ca or by telephone at the school. We would be happy to hear from you!