Welcome to Mrs. Lockwood’s Grade 5/6 Room

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I am pleased to take this opportunity to greet you and welcome your child to my class.  A good learning experience is built on a co-operative effort between parent, child, teacher and school. I am looking forward to an educational and fun-filled year with your child!

Pine Street Elementary will continue to follow the most recent EIPS Re-Entry Guide. This is an evolving document which means that EIPS is continually assessing and adjusting procedures/protocols based on all NEW Alberta Health recommendations. EIPS will continually adjust their Re-Entry Plan with new procedures set in place to keep your child safe at school. Please be aware that each school division may run their operations a little differently. 

Click on the link below as changes are made frequently.   https://www.eips.ca/download/282992

You will need to review this daily with your child:

* Complete the verbal COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

* Your child SHOULD NOT leave home if he/she feels unwell or has COVID-19 symptoms—fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste, aches, pink-eye, nausea. 

    • If you have answered “Yes” to any of the screening questions , please DO NOT enter the school at this time. Your child should stay home and use the AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

* Ensure your child has packed all their required supplies, as stipulated by the school. 

These are:

* Ensure you have multiple face-coverings with you—supplied by the student or EIPS.

* Ensure you have a water bottle, labelled with your name. 

* Ensure you don’t have any unnecessary items.  

Masks usage rules:

  1. Students must wear masks (over nose and mouth) in all areas of the school where physical distancing is not possible.
  2. Students do not have to wear masks outside if they can maintain 2 meters distance from one another.
  3. Students do not wear masks while eating, but must not be facing each other during this time.
  4. A mask does not include a scarf, buff, or collar.

Drop offs: We have had a few inquiries about lunches and materials being dropped off. As per the EIPS re-entry plan there are no drop offs of any kind, this includes students meeting their parents out front of the school for food or other items. Please remind your child to come prepared for the day. 

Pick up/appointments: 

* Have a plan in place to be able to pick up your child within one hour of a call from the school, for emergent situations.

Please ensure that you call ahead if you need to pick your child up for an appointment (780-467-2246). When you arrive at the school pull into the drop off zone by the front entrance and contact the school office. Your child will be called from his/her classroom to meet you outside at your vehicle. Non-essential visitors are not permitted in the school. 

Absences: Parents are asked to notify the school of a child’s absence – phone (780)467-2246 or by email via the school website. If the school is not notified of a child’s absence, the school provides a child check service where a phone call can be made to ensure the safety of your child.

Parking/Student Drop Off

Parking is limited at Pine Street School. Please follow posted signage. There are two drop-off/pick up zones in which cars are to move steadily through. One is located at the front of the school on the northside of Pine Street and the second is on Conifer Street before/after scheduled bus times.

Arrival at School

* As you arrive to school, you will line up at designated entrances in your designated lines.

* The playground is off limits before and after school.

* Students will maintain physical distance during this time while wearing their masks.  

* We will let you into the building, beginning at 8:30 starting with Mrs. Lockwood’s class followed by Mrs. Hawryluk and finally Mrs. Weber’s class.


I will be supplying a weekly update via email. Upcoming events, quizzes, projects, etc. will be noted. Classroom newsletters/permission slips will be sent home as needed.

Your child will occasionally have homework this year.  Homework has a place in the educational process.  It is an extension of the learning experiences children have during the instructional day.  Sometimes it will be unfinished work that was not completed at school and is within the student’s capability to finish at home.  Some research may be required that involves the use of reference material and will be given on an extended time basis. It is important that the homework is done on time or the reinforcement value is greatly diminished. (Please note due dates of these assignments). When assignments are not completed on time, it interferes with both the student’s learning and the flow of teaching in the classroom. Finally, some review will be required when students need to spend time at home studying and preparing for tests. These dates will be given to you on the weekly updates which will come to you via- e-mail. 

An important aspect of Grade 5/6 is improving individual study skills.  The workload your child will begin to encounter in this grade will require a good foundation of how to manage time and how to study most effectively.

Tests will be sent home for you to view. Please sign the test to indicate that you have seen it and return it to school as well. This is important in keeping you informed of your child’s learning.

 Classroom Expectations and Routines

* Do your best.

* Self-discipline is up to you. Think before you act.

* Be responsible. Any daily work or assignment is expected to be completed and handed in on time. Unfinished class work needs to be completed on the same day and I give the students the option of completing this work at recess or as homework.  This is the student’s own responsibility. Throughout the year I will be revisiting the importance of organizational skills as the students learn to plan their projects in stages and schedule their own workload to complete assignments by due dates. 

* Grade 5 and 6 students are expected to demonstrate personal responsibility and to provide positive role models for our younger students.  Personal responsibility means doing the best you can, showing respect for others, and observing classroom routines. Preparing for the future grade is a strong classroom theme throughout the year, and responsibility and self-organization are key elements!

(No cell phone use during the school day!)

Students are discouraged from bringing expensive cell phones and digital devices to school. If they choose to bring these expensive items to school, they do bring them at their own risk. In today’s digital world we do realize that for some students use of a cell phone to maintain contact to and from school is a must. If the cell phone or digital device does enter the classroom we ask that students follow some basic guidelines:

         * Place ringer and notifications on silent

         * Any internet use is to follow EIPS user agreement

         * FOIP forbids videotaping/photographing (students, staff or parents)

         * NO inappropriate content


Research has shown that the way to become a good reader is to simply READ! With this in mind, students are provided with daily DEAR reading time in the classroom.  In addition, students should be devoting some time each evening to reading a novel of their choice (just fifteen minutes a night will make a difference)

 Curriculum Summary – Alberta Education

Follow the link to “My Child’s Learning.” This is a fantastic resource to inform parents about what their child will learn in each grade.



  Lunch Guidelines

* No sharing of food between students.

* No sharing of utensils, dishes, or drink containers.

* All snacks and lunches are kept with the student’s belongings.

* Thoroughly clean lunch items, containers, utensils, packaging, before sending to school.

* Each individual must properly dispose of their own recycling, wrappers, and food waste.

* Microwaves will NOT be available for student use.

* The sending of snacks or treats into classrooms for special occasions is suspended.

* There will be no hot lunch this year. 

Dismissal Process/Parking

Dismissal is at 3:15 pm (2:15 pm for Staff Meeting Days) and students are to clear the school grounds immediately. Playgrounds will be closed before and after school until further notice. Parents should have a plan in place (if necessary) by this time. 

Pick Up After School

*Students will be leaving the building from the same exit that    they arrived at in the morning. 

*Maintaining Social Distance

*Respect physical distancing guidelines.

*No loitering.

*Leave the facility parking lot.

I am excited about this next year.  I hope we can work together to make it one of growth, discovery and significance for your child.  Early communication of any concerns your child may be expressing to you would be of great benefit to me.  If you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me at 780-467-2246. Ext 6330 or e-mail me at heather.lockwood@eips.ca .

  Sincerely, Mrs. Heather Lockwood